Dear SOA members,

God’s peace be upon you

It is one of the main aims of SOA and its Board of Directors to establish and enhance the active channels that keep SOA members connected across the Kingdom in terms of medical education. We believe that these meetings, conferences, and symposiums which are held periodically are of paramount importance being the medium for sharing expertise, consolidating knowledge, and updating information. This undoubtedly uplifts the core knowledge of SOA members and subsequently the overall quality of Orthopaedic care.

Recently, the number of Orthopaedic surgeons in Saudi Arabia has grown remarkably and the level of Orthopaedic care has dramatically improved. Currently, the subspecialty focused medical care practice has dominated the Orthopaedic discipline. As a result, finding more specialized Orthopaedic hospitals and highly specialized Orthopaedic staff became easily accessible in Saudi Arabia nowadays.

In this context, SOA would like to highlight some new regulations regarding Orthopaedic club order to refashion the Orthopaedic clubs’ events in a way ensuring the best scientific benefit. For this reason, a group of specialized societies is established within SOA as follows:

The revision points can be summarized in the following points:

  • Each society is considered the authorized resource by SOA for all related issues of that subspecialty of concern.
  • Each society (as represented by its head and members) is responsible for organizing and conducting of scientific activities in the target subspecialty. The representatives of each subspecialty society are responsible for preparing their meeting educational content as well as the materials presented by participants all over the Kingdom ahead of time.
  • Representatives of each subspecialty society must be qualified in their target subspecialty and hold valid SOA membership status.
  • All subspecialty societies must be headed by elected certified experts in the same subspecialty who hold valid SOA membership.
  • Voting for the subspecialty society leadership is restricted for SOA members of the target subspecialty.
  • The elected head of certain society should assign one representative in each major city to run the society’s local responsibilities and the scientific events.
  • Each subspecialty society is responsible for conducting a dedicated countrywide annual meeting in one of the major cities in Saudi Arabia. Next year the meeting must be held in another city.
  • The ordinary monthly club meetings in the major cities like Riyadh and Jeddah which are used to be conducted generally with no specific subspecialty focus will be replaced by more dedicated meetings confined to certain Orthopaedic subspecialty. Each subspecialty society is required to arrange for one or two dedicated meetings per year instead of one or two of the ordinary monthly club meetings of a particular city. The rationale behind these dedicated meetings is to get in touch with the experts in certain Orthopaedic areas to share their knowledge and experience.
  • In small cities where the number of SOA members is not sufficient, these regulations are not applicable. The monthly club meetings are expected to take place without any change and the assigned local hospitals are required to prepare and run those meetings according to the timetable.

Further details will be available later.

Best wishes,

Saudi Orthopaedic Association